The Story of a hiring

Due to our business expended into corporate commercial industry, we are very welcome you who are young and good attitude to join us.

We love the designer who always give us the inspiration and feed us something new into the team, of course, we are a team that able to learn to teach other.

As a photo editor, you might also knowing how is the photography works that makes you feel the hard work by the photographer outside, and also share your idea to match your editing workflow.

Social media is one of the hot item in the market now, and we are lucky that the corporate that give us the opportunity to expend our team even bigger, as a content creator, you may need to share with us on your schedule workflow for specific client and other teammate able to provide the content that you are looking for.

Moving pictures, video that also give a very high intention by the audience, you may start with passion as videographer but also able to communicate with other teammate to support each other.

Currently most of the position above will be in Part Time mode, and we might convert you into Full Time when you really good to be side by side with us. If you feel you are fit into the position above, drop us an email !

Thank you.

Sunny Tan